Come get yer Kittens!

My step mother once had a dream that after being pregnant for 9 months she ended up having kittens and was little disappointed after all the effort. But we’ve got actual kittens. The kind that have big adorable eyes. The kind that run and jump and play. The kind that look cute no matter what they do. Even when they poop they’re cute. We’re fostering these wonderful little fuzzies so if you’re looking for a new friend let us know.

I recently purchased a set of FieldNotes. A 1950′s military style journal (accompanied with a pen, pencil & sticker). A lot of love poured into the detailed inside cover & back panel. It reminds me of when I received my Jedi Fan Club pack in the mail. Or being a Cub Scout and getting a new badge. So check um out and get all nerdy with me. Anything that gets you excited to write has to be good.


My blog post in a blog post. Man these guys are fast!

Kitten Photography is no small task Bryan.

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